Unais V.T



The renowned young writer Unais V.T is born to a middle class family in the outskirts of Vadakkumpuram .He was born on 16-07-1994.He is popularly known as V.T Vadakkumpuram.He has proved his excellence in several areas besides writing such as sovial works,oration,agricultural activities,web designing ...etc.

His parents are Abdulla Musliyar and Ramla beegumThey have done their maximum to impoverish his writing caliber and motivated him well attending him in several lioterary workshops along Kerala.He always says that the inspiration behind all his growth was his parents.

He is one of the most celebrated writer in Malayalam language.He made his debut in writing novels by the publication of Kamanitha,Kaman itha has a huge readership in Malayalam literature.The theme of the story is the life of a poor girl who was escaped from the redstreet of Goa.Their life after her escape and marriage is portrayed well in the story attractingly.

Another novel is Nivedya sanjaram.It is a a long novel of a soul who searches for the spirit of the renowned Malayalam writer Vaikom Mohammed Basheer.

He writes in the language of English also .He has written numerous poems in it.The great role model of V.T is the Shakespeare as he related in his lecture of winning awrad of Univesal All Kerala Novelet-2014.And also he has explained it in most of the prefaces of his books such as Kamanitha,Nivedya sanjaram,Oru maricha aathmavinte diarikkurippukal,Pidividatha rajyangal,kanal vithacha padath,ariyatha pilla,manakkottayile rajakumari,idivettunna nattil,mazhathulli thedunna kinavukal,kinavile rajavu...etc.Like in the novels of Shakespeare , the central theme of all his novels is 'romance'.The cynosure will attract the reader to exhaust the novel in just a sitting.That's why his writings are getting more credibility among young writers.

He has authored somany short stories and short poems to date .Erinjadangiya jeevitham,Kallatharathinte Puthan Mathrika,Ezhudatha Kathakal,Kavaroo,karayanjappol,mukalile rathrikal,pakal kanatha sooryan,makkalkilla sneham,arike ninnakanna manjuthullikal,Kadal kondu vanna jeevan,Marayatha ormayil,Azhukiya uppukallukal,Nananja chembilakal...are the most famous of them.


Unais is now an academist in a renowned Islamic university named Jamia Nusrathul Islamlocated at Randathani,Malappuram,Kerala.He serves as a English lecturer since 2012 there.He also pursues his study in Islamic ideology in the University of Jamia Ihyaussunna ,Othukungal.He has served as the language motivator in Lingo hut in Jamia Nusrathul Islam for two times in 2014 and 2015 respectively.Now he is in the preparation of his research of " Kamala Das and Sylvia Plath;a comparative study.He also writes now a novel whose name has not been announced as yet of.From 2017 on,he works as a Language trainer in Wayanad,Kerala ,India.He has his own website to spread his efficiency to other pupils named unaisvt.webnode.com.


  1. Letz Excellence Award-2018
  2. Universal Novelet Award-2014